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Ideas to consider when choosing to take Instrument Lesson


I suggest not starting until 3rd grade, at least in a public school environment; however there may be exceptions to this.  My reasons are as follows:


  1. Size of hands are a determining factor.
  2. If a younger student is already taking lessons and showing progress, I would consider that “the exception.”
  3. Physical strength of body, to hold the instrument properly.  
  4. The ability to provide the needed “wind” to sustain and blow any wind instrument in order to perform a piece of music.
  5. 5.Discipline. Although music teaches discipline one must possess a certain amount of it to be able to ‘stick to it.’ “Sticktoitiveness”
  6. Guitar is at the beginning a painful instrument to play, as are most stringed instruments. Callouses must be developed and that takes time, patience, endurance and practice.
  7. If a student is going to attempt to learn an instrument for the first time, there will be a considerable investment: Rental and Beginner Method Book. (Drummers should bring their own Sticks, as many drummers prefer to select their own choice of size, weight, style and feel.
  8. All Drums are provided. All other instruments must be owned, purchased or rented.
  9. When the student arrives for their lesson they should have with them their instrument level-appropriate Method book.
  10. Hopefully there has been an interest and a love of music on-going in their life.

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When filling out form please include: Student and parent/guardian’s first and last names, grade student is in, instrument they have chosen and contact email.


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